Geopolitical of the Peace of Obama and Brazil. Ivan Santiago Silva* Haiti is a poor country, very poor. Such poverty does not happen of the earthquake of January of 2010, but yes of the dull greed of five followed centuries that made of this poor and delayed people of an absurdly rich continent. The unforgivable succession of facts, as Spanish conquest, later Frenchman, followed of monarchies and dictatorships, at no moment had never aimed at the welfare of the Haitian people, but yes the brief imundcia of a imperialista power or another one. Always, without exceptions. Accented in the period of the Cold War, the ferrenha dictatorship of Haiti pro United States did not create a seno of misfortunes for this country. But after all, with exception of Brazil, that Latin country was truily> United States? Brazil de Lula grew very in recent years.

Global Politician, according to the elite of Davos of 2010, is a politician bonzinho, as much how much George W. Bush. The country of Squid, one of the BRICs, waves as power for the world in century XXI and as imperialista for neighborhood. Nothing of new in this old one I sing forgotten it planet Land. For being a global politician, old dream of Squid, the PT, the left and all the born Communists, the United States had yielded the control of the Mission of United Nations for the Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH) still before this heading in 2010. In the truth the ONU yielded the control. It is that for us, terraqueous poor persons, to the times we confuse when it is an order of the ONU or U.S.A. Ahead of> control of the Minustah, Squid and the Itamaraty had carried through the biggest dream of the Brazilian external politics: to intervene directly with Central America, area of direct influence of the United States since always.

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