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He recently recorded and hung in the network a video that dealt with the problems of the swaps. Sold indiscriminately, in he pondered the possibility that the Government opened an investigation for the purpose of determining if there have been practical oligopolistic, inasmuch as I don’t understand possible up to 14 banks to sell some 200,000 contracts with the same procedure and disinformation. I had not read a story, which I discovered later, in which the Minister Elena Salgado denied that the mortgage swaps are an abusive clause, since they are a voluntary product. In addition, he assured customers of financial institutions have total freedom to accept these products or not, and added that what entities should be required to provide accurate and transparent information. Salgado believes that if abuses have occurred in the hiring of these mortgage clips you should fix them jurisdiction. I am sorry the reader if I look like you too graphic, but this seems to me hallucinate. And allow me to reproduce a comment that I liked: would you entrusted your healing to the doctor who has injected tuberculosis?. Spain is certainly an involved country.

It is long overdue. But not for us.UU. How to do see, but by the banks themselves, with the approval of politicians of the day. A few months ago he spoke in unison international reform of financial markets. Good intentions that has not become to have news; nor will be.

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