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20 Years ago, when Mario Conde exemplified the financial pitch, the Spanish university students wanted greater become entrepreneurs. Already with the banker in jail, they preferred to be officials. And the Administration has dutifully satisfied his desires: while in all 27 countries of the EU it has declined 1.4% the number of staff in this decade, in Spain has grown by 32%. Now in full economic crisis, taking the State that trimming the budget deficit, rather than lose weight the cost of this collective, as it would be expected, increases their salaries by 4%. What a paradox! To compensate for the nonsense, the Vice President Elena Salgado announced that of every ten retired staff are amortised as nine of them. I.e., that instead of distributing the work to not destroy more jobs, are predicts a further increase in unemployment, this time via the officialdom. And is that the Government of Rodriguez Zapatero, just to not undertake reforms in depth financial, fiscal, labour, you are creating a economic Monster coup of patches, improvisations, and several occurrences. Already at the time, Minister Jordi Sevilla wanted to reform the Statute of the civil service, introducing the criteria of mobility, efficiency and up to contractual termination and, instead of get it, was he himself put paws on the street by his boss. Excess of well-to-do in Spain superb professional staff many of them, with duplication of functions between the various administrations of the State, finally evidenced the lack of criterion and rigour in channelling our collective economic future.

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