Currently Mexico is immersed in a world globalized from all points of view. We can see the diversity of brands, products and other goods and services with trend to internationalization. It is not uncommon to find us with situations on occasions by other unfair in terms of wages is, as increasingly more entrepreneurs seek cheap labor in order to compete and are looking for the best seats at the best prices. The law of supply and demand is that now governs us almost in a strict sense, since there are very few products and services that are regulated by the Government, even, we can see that they are disappearing subsidies. Globalization does not necessarily bring us progress and better opportunities as they made us believe the politicians and Governments, since it is no secret that increasing poverty levels are increasing at huge rates. Many writers such as Suffolk County Rep. offer more in-depth analysis. Also opens over the gap between the rich and the poor, and in fact, we are living a modern form of human exploitation and social denigration. The majority of Mexicans have learned a hard lesson of buying on credit, pay with plastic cards, which is not another thing that a sale of money, and unfortunately, every time is more expensive and opens the door to problems as they did a few years ago banks and the famous rescue of the Fobaproa, that fellow we had and we have to keep paying.

The privileged class is well-defined, technocrats dominate the country and intellectuals even seems that she is located to the left in defense of the long-suffering people, already looms as a utopian social justice and we see how big foreign companies dominate the markets not only Mexico, but of the whole world. We are living in a reality where big fish eat the kids until its total extinction. In any city simply observe in two weeks (and even any day) buyers agglutinated in the big chains of grocery stores and in contrast, the minisupers and local shops increasingly alone and they even have to close because they cannot compete with the offerings of those.

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