Historical Grammars

Each group carried its recording cassette, certainly the vital instrument of the modern pedagogia, and walked collecting opinions. I suspected of exit that the such professor read this column, if it unhaired daily with its you confront to laws of language, used to advantage that chance me desmascarar' '. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard Blumenthal by clicking through. The chronicle displays and opposes the speech conservative and liberal in relation to the education of the grammar and consequently it answers disclosing its opposition how much to traditionalistic education: ' ' I answered that the language, any language, is a media and that must be judged exclusively as such. Respected some rules basic of Grammar, to prevent the vexames clamoroussest, the others are dispensable. The syntax is a use question, not of principles. To write well is to write clearly, not necessarily certain.

For example: to say ' ' to write claro' ' it is not certain but it is clearly, certain? ' ' The description-social context was in 1982, text collected for the periodical Zero Hour, of Porto Alegre, chronicle that at the time was considered one confronts to the Portuguese language. In the finishing of the third paragraph, the author displays its indifference in relation to the formal aspects of the language, constructing then a metafrico speech, therefore where really they are studied the words are the Descriptive and Historical Grammars: ' ' I do not put myself in its particular life (of the words). It does not interest me its past, its origins, its family nor what the others already had made with elas' '. For it ' ' the privacy with the Grammar is so indispensable that I gain the life writing, although my total innocence with in matria' '. The ironic boardings are constructed through the discursivas representations of that it does not see utility in the education of the grammar in classroom. .

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