The Lie the act to lie if daily shows gift in the life of the humanity. Polidez, omission, education, strategy, self-control, dissimulation, irony, eufemismo, affection, hiprbole, compliment, politics and emotional intelligence, as well as plastic surgery, silica use, smoothing of hair and suti of bulge, constitute some ways found for the people to use the lie, the enganao, that is, one form to hide the essence for the appearance, practical so valued in modern times. The children, for example, like to say what they think, however are hindered by the parents, which teach they ' ' social rules of convivncia' ' , that they do not pass of marks of the inverdade in the interpersonal relations. But this does not disclose one ' ' privilgio' ' but of the human beings, it has seen that the animal irrationals also camouflage, its canine tooth dissimulates and is deceptive, everything to be survived, as well as makes the individuals. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Blumenthal. Of this form, it is observed that great part of the people if shows hypocritical when it affirms that it hates the lie, since it has lain every day for itself and the others. Being thus, one becomes necessary to argue philosophical the action to hide the truth, because many truths do not even pass of lies consolidated for the autoengano, therefore, as they say the genius Axe of Assis and a Chinese saying, respectively, ' ' the life of what swims inebriates more the wine of verdade' ' ' ' a stocking-truth is always a lie inteira' '. Nobody must, for these reasons, if to intitle owner of the truth, nor to use the lie of unscrupulous form, has seen that all need the search for the mannering ethics, by means of the agreement of that the critical reflection of the actions can promote essential sociocultural transformations to the human being and the world where it lives. Jean Carlos Neris de Paula.

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