Industrial Revolution

Cibercultura in Development. When we relate in them to the contemporaneidade, we cannot to occult what cibercultura flame, imagining itself an influence that the technology comes causing the man/woman, transforming the way, modifying the perception concerning the reality, creating certain virtualismo when conceiving a world from the technological phenomenon. To speak of technology, retraces to an analysis that searchs certain genealogy in primevos times of the origin human being, that is, the development ' ' tecnolgico' ' of the first homindeos, passing for the societies grafas, the ecloso of said ' ' first civilizaes' ' , not disrespecting relegated periods the certain iluminista preconception, as the Average Age – some had arrived to conjecture not to have havido' ' progresso' ' technological -, also adentrando periods as the Renaissance and finally, arriving at the considered technological apex and bigger exponent of the society contemporary, the call Industrial Revolution. The development of industrialization is distinguished for the period from which the process of form production, being conceived totalizante, makes to come out a voluminous production of excesses on a large scale, needing a man power increase, that it would drastically come to be reduced by the same technology, in the truth the ones that if serve of it, where the citizen depersonalizes in way to the conditional environment the certain productive normatizao, since the regulation it time, until the depreciation of that it produces on behalf of the supervaluation of the product, an alienation. With technological sophistication, where I reserve the right to exceed diverse stages of the call evolution of the technology, we arrive at a simulation universe, where the individual becomes a coadjuvante, exactly having been protagonist of the current conjuncture and still to be implicit to the simulations keep out of society that it. Such process conditions subject to a technological dependence, where it passes to be observed not from itself, but of the determinative technological factor of its condition in being, projecting it in a reality that desumaniza.

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