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It seems that President was in a bad mood. Otherwise no other reason can not explain his answer. What is a foreign language, especially English, to Russia? Basically, it's not only the window but the door to the world. Without knowledge of foreign languages Russia is doomed to an unenviable existence with leaven of patriotism as an ideology. Because we take, at least, computers and the Internet.

This is a countless number of languages. And it so happened that English is international language of the Internet and modern electronics. Well, in the air, too, used many foreign languages, and, above all, the English again. About the Navy could not remember – knowledge of English there urgent need. Even in art, which previously dominated by French and Italian, now increasingly use English. But this does not mean that other languages have become entirely unnecessary. To those who engaged in literature (not only Russian 19 centuries.) need the French language. The music used Italian terminology.

And in general, need a language dictated by the particular circumstances and preferences rights. "Dead" in Sanskrit language is the subject of investigations of philologists engaged in Indo-European languages. In this language, there is a rich literature. The ancient culture of the majority of Indian people is reflected through this language and that language itself is also a cultural and scientific phenomena. Its name can be translated as "perfect" and it truly is perfect. Incidentally, in India, published several papers in Sanskrit, and competitions among writers who write on it. So what is it then a dead language? Latin is also considered to be "dead" language. But, meanwhile, is the official language of Vatican. In general, possess any foreign language is extremely useful not so much to achieve some tangible goals, but for the development of the aforementioned gray matter. And in order to better understand their native language, you need an idea of what else to at least one language. Not to compare which one is best, but to understand that they are not all created in the image and likeness of the mother tongue. And each one is unique, rich and beautiful. nonfiction 6 April 2008

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