Jose Angel Valente

I’m bored lately in Spain only promoted two poets Rafael Alberti and Miguel Hernandez here in Spain it seems there is no more poets for a time this part not is whether they will be things of modernity or political issues seems else there, thank goodness that in my hands has fallen an anthology of poetry entitled a thousand years of Spanish poetry where are all Spanish poets from the middle ages to the present day. This kind of books come in handy to publicize the great public names that are on everyone’s lips and broaden horizons than ever this for more. Seems there are favouritism and discrimination also in the literature, there are other poets with less projection as Jose Hierro, Luis Rosales, Damaso Alonso, Jose Angel Valente this is a brief example there are more names but I am not going to overwhelm the reader, to which nobody devotes even a minute of your time, this is called a discriminating and the rest is nonsense. Also the literary universe there are countless jealousies and grudges, poetry has reputation of being a literary genre marginal and minority. Contact information is here: Ohio Senator. It hurts to only agree on two important characters, but that they are not alone, some do not understand that what is promoted not just forgetting.

Writers although they are dead must re-edit them their works regardless of the political tendency of the character, but it seems that it is not so in reality, culture are also politicized and note too. The political tendency of each writer has also when receiving certain cultural sectors prebends and it shows when it comes to receive tributes. Better fall into grace that be funny, as the saying goes. Spain is a country that hates to their writers and others in favour of what comes out, and the only thing that seems it cannot be promoted are intellectuals signified political trend, a time to this part only those linked to left-wing politics and not all only those who passed it badly at a time, as if other trends not mattered the most minimum. Is not just writers promote only of a determined sign, culture should not have political colors not but so is politics it inundates everything, thank goodness that we have left the poetry anthologies to discover what some bother to hide.

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