Klitschko WBO Years

Vladimir has 31 years, now he is on his peak, and it is difficult to guess how long he can maintain good form. However, during this period Ukrainian rivals no hope – none of them have no chance to defeat Klitschko. Old legends, such as Mike Tyson, recently said on his return to boxing, also had no chance to compete with the young leaders. Perhaps in the coming year and a half or two will be a question – who would be the best heavyweight in the world? It is obvious that the place would take Klitschko's younger boxer ready to fight a Ukrainian in a few years. Current competitors Klitschko close to him in age, will gradually leave the boxing arena. Therefore, such men as Nikolai Valuev, John Ruiz, Shannon Briggs, Oleg Maskaev and the other, being already in top form, or leaving it behind have little chance to earn the title of best in the division.

The forecast for the next fight with Klitschko WBO belt holder Sultan Ibragimov analyst speaks categorically – Russian Ukrainians as inferior to the growth and impact strength, and experience, so the chances of winning are close to zero. Let's try to look at the major avenues (Young talent) that can compete with Klitschko in the coming years. All of them are destined to two or three years to reach peak form and to join the fight, both among themselves and with veterans of the heavy weight. WBA champion Ruslan Chagaev despite the fact that the younger Klitschko in two years, gives a Ukrainian in physical parameters.

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