Latin America

How long us deceived. Walt Whitman freedom is the ability that have the powerful to keep the weak subject to regime, unless these is aware of the move. Total, can say: If no one notice anything nor protest, can speak of a world of freedoms, and even peace. On this context, nothing prevents such perverse definition of versatile Word. But it does gala (or gluttony) dialectic, but history. An issue is a day, particularly in Latin America, when political mold of the right (plutocracy and capitalism) collapses and falls, therefore, the Assembly of deception. People are starting to look at and the rich to worry about their finances and status, and shout, with all his power media, that there is no freedom, which ran the story and progress, dial there is no homeland, much less democracy.

That. It is not for less of your complaint. What freedom may assess them in a dead-of-hunger to learn to read, to organize themselves socially and has? Discover the deception, i.e. the physiology of the domain to which subjected it? The person who reads, reads what has been. It is to terrify you. On the contrary, for the paradigm of power, a sheath so is an attack on everything: against system, the world of values, democracy, law, history, morality, freedom is seed of revolution and revolution is overturning of historical tortilla. To a damn regardless of anyone! It is sedition, and sedition is not freedom, by more than books (written by himself, the paradigm, I say) ensalcen to the little word like ideal corollary. You can go further and extensively see this point of freedom (of the powerful, as we have said: there is no other), made Chinese tale swallow to the dumbest, and notice provided that their rationale is the ignorance of the other, of the less fortunate, the weaker, almost always labor or slave, regularly peoples.

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