One is due to distribute in this level one education independent in the field of the reading and writing that is that the student to begin reads what wants because when young Lee which it likes, motivates in the car learning and he shows to interest and good attitude to realise all the activities oriented by the educational one until sometimes there are cases that they propose to do others. If the permanent motivation in the students exists it managed to develop the comunicativas competitions that the educational one requires since they are creative and innovating; here the excuse does not fit of which the educational one says the school where work is very poor does not have anything of didactic material I am working with the nails ; the educational one with good methodologic strategies, takes advantage of the human resources that it has to his disposition and it places the children to make his own material of work. It is had to have well-taken care of of which the student does not fall in the error to stop the processes lectoescritura them and that falls in the mother of all the vices the laziness with an evil use that they are accustomed to to give the new technologies where they consider easy much more to copy and to stick a text by Internet that to produce it by its own capacities. He does not know himself that the new technology of the information favors the access to the knowledge and that stops such attainment is needed that the educational one enters this fashion and to orient them towards its good use. In his revision of Literature on this subject, Bawden he mentions that: the technological alphabetization includes (among others characteristic): to know which are the functions of a technology like, for example, the computer, knowledge to choose between its functions to find the application adapted to the task that faces 12 at a certain time. .

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