Madrid Campaign

What squalor! The toledistas voting by Humala Hummm, hummm! How many ministries will ask to him? Begins repartija? By the way Toledo must be thankful to him to Brushes that he is not president thanks to the fact that introduced in the political debate the support to the abortion, the union gay and the legalization of the drug consumption, subjects other people’s to the Peruvians and that the Church Catholic finished burying. The thesis of which the unique party that endorses votes is the APRA turned into a myth. The announcement was a gross error that the apristas disciplined ones would vote by PPK. Here yes there was political blindness and worse still, it disobeyed it to the militancy. There they are the poor votings of Kuczynski in the north, that demonstrate the treason of one of their allies, the Alliance by the Progress of Coins, that only worried that the family Coins entered the Congress and they forgot the presidential candidacy. Of all ways, PPK had a great campaign thanks to their marketeros Hugo Otero and Abel Aguilar and to the use of social networks impelled by Baella. As Humala or has the sambenito of the chavismo, first that is going to do it is to take a new photo with fascinated Lula or to use the one that or it has and to spread it so that some Peruvians abran the mouth. He is able to look for the photo until with Pope Benedicto XVI.

Soon we will see in action its Brazilian marketeros to make up it. In addition, it is certainly the fight against the corruption will be one of its props in campaign. It must be regreting than it said in Madrid on the terrorist most bloodthirsty Abimael Guzmn, of which he was " Robin Hood ". What not it must to forget is what it is written in its plan of government, who is his great weakness, against which says in the average estrados ones and of diffusion.

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