Magos Luther Burbank passed great part of its life despertando in the others, is read competing, the green however not emerald feeling of the envy. Its feats, between ends of century XIX and start of the XX had given origin to a new transitivo verb in the English language: you burbank, registered for the Webster as to modify and to perfect. It is what it happens with who act freely? they bother those confusions in the proper teias. Its bigrafos had always emphasized that Burbank ' ' it was and he remains one enigma' '. The main book of the Self-Realization Fellowship is dedicated to its memory. Three years after publishing entrancing ' ' The origin of espcies' ' , Charles Robert Darwin launched, in 1862, ' ' The fecundao of orqudeas' ' , considered until today as one of the most complete studies on an only species. What it jumped to the eyes of the researcher was the way for which the insects took care of of the fecundao of these flowers.

Darwin passed 12 years searching the subject, weaveeed notebooks and notebooks on ' ' fertilizao cruzada' ' ' ' vigor hbrido' ' , for, at last, directing itself for the other plan without distrusting, at least with much precision, that something more than the mere one perhaps was in game in the crossing of the species. This something could be submitted the will of the man. In this point Burbank enters. In 1901, during the Floral Congress of San Francisco, Luther the botanical brotherhood of the following form would evaluate: ' ' The main work of the botanical ones of long ago was the study and the private classification of vegetal mmias, droughts and of soul. They had thought invariant who its classified species was more fixed and that everything what we can now imagine, either in the sky or the land.

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