Military Blocs

When people realize that the unification of military blocs – the path to war, but war is a disaster, military alliances fall apart. Of course, this premise is controversial. And yet, imagine that countries no one is threatening a military attack, and begin to reduce armies. They will be reduced to a value sufficient to fight in local skirmishes, antidiversionnyh operations in the fight against terrorism. This will reduce much armed forces, and together with them and the MIC.

What to do with closing jobs? And just the thought of Sevastopol. In section USSR Sevastopol became Ukrainian. Ukraine does not need an army and navy, in such amount as they were in the Soviet Union. Ukrainians shout "Get out!" Russian Black Sea Fleet. But the screaming somewhere in Lutsk, Lviv or. A Ukrainian Sevastopol does not cry – it works in Russian enterprises and Russian eats bread! Reduction of the armed forces will affect the basic security APU. In Sevastopol, the base value of support is much larger than necessary for the Ukrainian fleet size.

A Sevastopol lease is held by the base complex. But the rental fleet of the Russian Federation may end before the contractual term that Sebastopol would be tantamount to disaster. For the city budget will be lost 450 million hryvnia, then, as the manufacturing of Sevastopol in 2000 was 325.4 million hryvnia. In other words the city will not be able to pay not only with the state, but also with the workers, the deficit will amount to 125 million hryvnia.

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