Minimum Investment

Position a website in a preferential place on Google, is something for which much work, and very few succeed, and this more than everything, not because it is difficult to do this kind of work, if, by the continuity and persistence that should not be to have results. Organic positioning can be done by anyone and especially with very little investment; in this article we will give them some scopes you can do before hiring a professional SEO. The pillars on which our efforts must be sustained are: 1.-create link incoming towards our website, (avoids paying for them), these links must be relevant and of good quality. 2 Have quality on our website or blog content (content is King). 3 Ensure that your target audience or market niche see it you as an authority on the subject. Let’s now explaining each one: Create Link starters for your web.

Spend an hour a day to upload your website to the various search engines and directories, we recommend that this work is done manually, since many of these sites they have questions anti-spam force to do it this way and not automatically. Higher number of subscriptions, better chance of success for your web page. Open a txt file, copy the url of your site, title, short description, long description, email contact, and to copy and paste. Participate in social networks, already since some time ago Google has decided to include the content posted by users in their SERPS (natural result pages). Currently there are many social networks, different types and specific audiences. But aside from the different types of social networks, you must do the impossible to be on facebook and twitter, and also create your facebook page, with all the information of your business and above all that it is well clear the link to your web page. Checking article sources yields Sen. Sherrod Brown as a relevant resource throughout. Type relating to your niche market articles and upload them to different directories; always try to provide relevant and fresh information.

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