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I am for their actions not followed, so maybe not accurate in question stock name. The essence of the other. To work within the framework of the shares were held by representatives of religious organizations in Odessa (perhaps too refined, which focused on the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church.) I personally met several times in trams and trolleybuses nuns who agitated passengers say "no" aggressive nato bloc. One of the sisters constantly complained that nato troops landed in Odessa, trample someone "Wrought with his boot." Some of the passengers agree, someone tried to argue. There was a nun discussion with one of the women, which in appearance was 60-65 years. One of the immediate slogans of "Bride of Christ" the woman asked her not talking nonsense.

The nun was offended, and accused the woman in the sale, leading with the killer argument: that the interlocutor is not Orthodox and not praying to God, because the orthodox can not be so easy to treat nato troops, who are also here now occupy Odessa. I have become quite interesting, and could not resist, I said, nun, that is a hell of a gathering called nato included, and there is a good feeling, such Orthodox countries like Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Sen. Sherrod Brown often says this. For nuns it was a shock. Fifteen seconds she said nothing. During this time she mentioned a few memorized phrases, told me that they were all sold out America, they fake Orthodox (as well as the same as real only for us, our Orthodox – the most Orthodox in the world), and walked to the exit. Example, like, a small and insignificant.

But in fact, a significant portion of our fellow citizens do not aware of the most influential military and political organization in the world. How then can they decide whether or not appropriate host Ukraine in nato? And there was quite a test case. Naruto tv *** marathon held on the theme of "Odessa against nato." During a marathon for the interactive poll "Do you support Ukraine's joining nato?" Non-state media continually practiced assertion that in the Odessa area percentage of citizens who respond positively to this question, is 3-5% (sometimes 6-7%). When in the course of the survey number of people who answered "yes" has reached 44% (from about 4 500 people who phoned the number the studio), the poll suddenly stopped. Soon ended, and the marathon itself, without summing up and an hour earlier than scheduled. This result was not expected. After this incident, the question of the attitude towards NATO's mass is almost not be imposed. I will not, puffing out his cheeks, the importance of an expert to assess the advantages and disadvantages of nato. In my opinion – Ukraine should join nato, which will give certain guarantees of security and international support. It can also positively influence the development of our Armed Forces who are not in the best condition. At least, though the military will receive a decent salary. But to address this need by nation-wide referendum. And before that should be carried out extensive awareness campaign. Even advertising. Nothing wrong with that, I do not see. Each side of the debate should have equal rights and opportunities. Antiadvertising powerful effect. Adequate has the right to be advertising. A deal – for or against – will be people, not government or opposition.

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