Mouse Acceleration In Counter Strike 1.6

Acceleration of the mouse – the mouse motion acceleration, the faster you move the mouse, the more it goes the distance on the screen. It’s good to work in the operating system on a high resolution screen, but is not suitable for full-screen games that require high precision targeting, in this case, cs 1.6. After disabling the acceleration, the cursor is uniformly goes from one point to another, no matter how fast you pull the mouse. It is this setting is useful for playing cs. Now consider, how to disable this function on Windows xp and 7 different ways. Jim Donovan Goldman gathered all the information. Acceleration is disabled on xp so, go to Control Panel and other upravleniyPrintery oborudovanieMyshParametry pointer and uncheck “Enable greater accuracy the pointer” For Windows 7, go to Control Panel PuskPanel control (must be set “KrupnyeMelkie icons) Mouse) and uncheck item “Enable greater accuracy the pointer. This will disable acceleration in the os, but not in cs 1.6.

Is still recommended to remove the mouse anti-aliasing in the game for this console to list the m_filter “0”, or in the options cop remove the check mark from the “Mouse filter “. In order that would disable acceleration in cs should: 1) Click on the icon on your desktop dissent steel. 2) Select “Properties.” 3) In the Shortcut tab in the Target box, append the text after the parameter:-noforcemparms. For Steam is another way: 1) Run Steam. 2) Select the “My Games”.

3) Right-click on the game Counter Strike. 4) Select “Properties” 5) Select the “Set launch options ” 6) In the pop field, append the parameter:-noforcemparms. Some players still -noforcemspd and -Noforcemaccel that is false, to disable mouse acceleration is sufficient only parameter-noforcemparms. Explanation of parameters:-noforcemparms no force mouse parameters (use the settings button mouse installed on your operating system) – disable acceleration, provided that in Windows xp / 7 off increased accuracy of the pointer. -Noforcemspd no force mouse speed (use the mouse speed settings installed on your operating system) – disable acceleration, provided that in Windows xp / 7 off increased accuracy of the pointer, and adds 0.2 sensitivity in the game. -Noforcemaccel no force mouse acceleration (use mouse acceleration settings installed on your operating system) – makes the mouse settings be the same as in Windows xp / 7. PS: This method only works for igri Counter-Strike and other mods Half-Life.

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