Movement 20 Of February Rejects The Constitutional Reform Raised By The King Of Morocco

They say that the new Magna Carta announced by Mohamed I SAW tries " to give to a constitutional aspect to a monarchy absoluta". They summon to a national manifestation for this Sunday. The political parties give the warm welcome him to the new Constitution. Movement 20 of February, that vindicates democratic changes in Morocco, assured ste Saturday that the new announced Magna Carta Friday by king Mohamed I SAW tries " to give to a constitutional aspect to a monarchy absoluta" and it summoned to a national manifestation for this Sunday. The activist of this youthful movement Najib Chauki assured that the new Constitution " he gives ample powers to the king in the scopes legislative, executive, of security and religioso".

Chauki explained that the monarch " it continues maintaining his powers in the project of the new Constitution that allow him for example to preside over some institutions or to appoint and to dismiss the high different people in charge who belong to poderes". In addition, Chauki criticized that the king can dissolve the Parliament, something that considered like one " intervention in the scope legislativo". The activist concluded that its movement rejects " a Constitution otorgada" and &quot vindicated the Magna Carta; democratic, in form and content, that a parliamentary monarchy establishes clara". On the other hand, the activist of the same movement Munaim Musaui explained that " the majority of the new competitions of the president of the Government is not true but formal because, according to the new Magna Carta, it is forced to consult to the king before ejecutarlas". The project of Constitution, that will have to be approved in rrndum next the 1 of July, transfers part of the competitions from the king to the Government and the Parliament and recognizes the officiality of the language to bereber. Nevertheless, Mohamed I SAW will continue being the commander in j of the Army and the maximum religious authority of the country.

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