Myth Of Real Estate Prices

As noted by leading analytical prices that monitor real estate prices in late September last year, house prices still had a tendency to grow on average per week for 1%, but in some places this figure was also more, although not significantly – the overall picture was exactly like that. At the end of October the same, that is, less than a month, the picture has changed considerably for this market, as real estate, and the rate of price growth declined in their indicators at least twice. Analysts are still in the first half, wrote that the main factor that provokes a rise in prices across the sector, this shortage of proposals on the secondary real estate market, what actually would have said any grandmother on the bench (well, except that less abstruse phrases, but with no less a straight face).

Already in October, monthly monitoring, which was reflected in a notorious capital portal, showed that prices proposals on the secondary market of Moscow housing in the comparative analysis with the September 2006 figures have fallen as much at 0.7%, while growth in prices in September was 3.9%. What does a systematic slowdown in the index value at the Moscow real estate? It just means that every week more and more become desheveyuschih apartments, and rising in price respectively – less and less. Agree, and head Analytical Center, Oleg . Still some six months ago about this and if you say, it is not so loud – forecasts, in general, were rather more convicts. Maybe because the bold predictions of such a plan obviously some people do not profitable. Although, too, quite logically, that if every year we hear about the increasing pace of construction on the declared programs of the government to subsidize these areas and clear their interest in reducing prices property, then sooner or later must come a change in the price – she can not grow indefinitely. Sooner or later everyone reaches its saturation point and then we can expect a retention of this level or possibly significantly lower prices, which in fact from an economic point of view too is not good.

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