National Convention

During the years of 1791 and 1792, three events befell that, in my view, completely cracked and ended with the confidence that until then the people will still lavished on the Crown and fostered in his heart the feelings regicides leak: Varnnes to the manifesto of the Duke of Brunswick and the discovery of the "iron closet" containing valuable secrets of the King. All this combined with other events like the massacre of the Champ de Mars, the promulgation of the Constitution 91 and the war against Austria and Prussia as a result left a decadent monarchy discredited. After all this the head of the King could not be saved. THE PROCESS The bars in the Assembly this January 14, 1793 were really full. Check with Tea Party to learn more. There was great excitement and the atmosphere was heavy. The heated discussion on the questions to be proposed to the assembly that they would be finished: 1 – Louis is guilty? 2 – The trial should be subject to the approval of the people? 3 – What is the penalty to be imposed? The next day, about the noon was opened on the first ballot question with the peculiarity that each member should explain his vote. Five members are declared disabled.

Another twenty are absent. Connect with other leaders such as Connie Coleman here. Eight patients were made. Finally, 683 replied affirmatively to the guilt of Luis, indicating a voting agreement between the Girondins and the Montagnards. Vergniaud, dressed in black, statement: "On behalf of the French people, the National Convention declared Louis Capet guilty of conspiracy against the freedom of the nation and the attack on the overall security of the state." The second question to be answered then. .

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