North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Travel is a good way to learn and overcome fears.Luis Rojas Marcos I have just completed my trip by the legendary and beautiful Italy, enclosing not only history, art, music, literature, landscapes, beautiful cities, great food, sports, and that everytime one visit is with places that are backed by big in this country. It is very known, whereas the third country in the European Union that receives more tourists per year, being the third most visited city Rome. Another important city is Milan, Center of finance and industry, and according to the Global Language Monitor, the capital of fashion. Italy is a Democratic Republic, forms part of the G8, or group of eight most industrialized nations in the world and is a country developed with a very high life quality, found in 2005 among the top eight in the world. She also enjoys a high rate of human development, being the eighteenth most developed country in the world. He is a founding member of the European Union, signatory of the Treaty of Rome in 1957. He is also a Member founder of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and a member of the Organization for cooperation and economic development, the World Trade Organization, the Council of Europe and the Western European Union. The country, and especially Rome, has a strong impact on politics and culture, in global organizations such as the Organization for agriculture and food (FAO), the International Fund for agricultural development (IFAD), the Glocal Forum, or the World Food Programme (WFT). Of course, it affected me a little bounce because emotional in my life people were left and the truth is that after one enjoys your company, shares, acclimatizes to the human warmth that emerges fully identified with affection, feelings and emotions can hardly bid farewell. Fortunately, having enjoyed wonderful moments and the opportunity of life which has bequeathed us, we can understand the because you write that in life there are certain moments, certain spaces in which the farewells are necessary or inevitable, whether for a future meeting, for a break, to continue growing, today are at one of those moments in which life puts us.

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