North Panels

Base thickness of insulation applied to the central regions of Russia: – 50-150 mm, Siberia and the North – 150-250 mm. For fixing insulation used special plugs "umbrella" type. 4. Vapor permeable film vapor permeable film does not allow moisture to penetrate to the insulation and at the same time, prevents the evaporation of condensate in the atmosphere. Factory – offers insulating material with a ready lamination – on the surface insulation boards applied vapor permeable material. 5.

Air gap air gap works on the principle chimney – thus not allowing to gather atmospheric and internal moisture on the surface of the wall. Another important function of the air buffer – a reduction of heat loss from buildings. 6. Facing Facing materials in the construction of ventilated facade perform protective and decorative function. They protect the insulation, design and building of the wall from damage and weathering. At the same time, the cladding panels are the outer shell of the building, forming an aesthetic appearance, are his calling card. Currently, there is a wide choice of front panels for cladding buildings. In addition to appearance, they differ in material, size and type of fasteners (visible, invisible).

Materials used for making panels can be very different, and this list is constantly updated: composite panels, aluminum sheets, flat sheet panels, ceramic granite, ceramic tile, stone, etc. You can highlight the main ventilated facades advantages: – the materials used, dimensions. Profile system of ventilated facades can be used for cladding buildings of different materials – protection from precipitation.

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