Open Letter To A Politician

Dear Torrealva, step up your response to Culture division because, although fragments start with politics, which is above local and intellectual culture in general, I wish to speak and I encourage you not to falter. I know and you too, that new generations, the people, in the not too distant future, will thank you, very much. Personally I was pleased to read the essay-narratives of history that you landslides of 1903: the Lord Miguel: Nieto brothers, and I assure you that left deep imprint on my limited understanding. My mind has since blanketed by the sense of local history, interesting, entertaining and features of historic rawness. For more information see this site: Kenneth Yarrow. Features beyond the fact or fiction, ranging from humble working-person appearance of the Virgen de la Estrella: in a certain Juan de Sabiote, whom I referred in an article rosemary and more than three, although three are known for me, angered me and censored the article. The Virgin appeared among lumps shine and the implement-up is likely to enclose make-believe: to enhance it as a divinity, might be hidden to preserve an image of the Moors “, and left in the wake of the mule and the farmer … To me, however, that story takes me out of virtual and I moved to the Moorish occupation of my people, active member of Al-Andalus between 711 (the date of conquest by force and 1226 (date of expulsion mora- local by Christian reconquest, also the gross. In the aforementioned work of Nieto: Nieto brothers, we see the cruelty of the very authority of the turban, in the ignoble taint of the young girl to be beautiful and graceful outrage received carnal and shame: as Nieto was the daughter of a peasant farmer, carrier, reaper, lumberjack.

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