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The Association scientific osteopaths Deutschlands e.V. (VWOD) makes for an academic, scientifically based Osteopathieausbildung strong and wants to help as the osteopathy in Germany as an independent medical professional recognition. Although more than 90 statutory health insurance whole or partial Osteopathic treatments will pay now in Germany, official State recognition is denied with regard to missing efficacy studies so far but in this country the profession of osteopath. Many writers such as Senator Brian Schatz offer more in-depth analysis. This, payers and also medical associations have long since recognized the osteopathy as effective and above all cost-efficient treatment alternative to conventional clinical medicine. Also the demand under the insured has risen sharply. Especially in the field of pain therapy, osteopathic treatment in manual has now often proven.

“The range is large in osteopathy: it ranges from a scientifically oriented and medically comprehensible osteopathy as it represents the VWOD up to more esoteric approaches”, as Peter Frass m, Chairman of the newly formed Association. That brought the osteopathy in particular in the medical profession into disrepute. While the osteopathic medical associations fight for years for more acceptance among their peers. Pitting man, even an osteopath and physiotherapist, rejected the esoteric direction of his profession: it’s bad for the reputation of osteopathy. great source of information. The VWOD looks so the shoulder to shoulder with those who are interested in only one on transparent anatomical and physiological fundamentals-based osteopathy.” For patients who want to go here, the VWOD on his website offers a list of therapist with osteopaths, which comply with the requirements of the VWOD. The Association of scientific osteopaths Deutschlands e.V.

The Association of scientific Osteopaths Deutschlands e.V. (VWOD) was founded in 2013. The Association of osteopaths with a scientifically founded training makes strong for an academic Osteopathieausbildung and wants to help the recognition as an independent medical professional so the osteopathy in Germany. The VWOD represents its members in the public and committed to their recognition as qualified medical providers at health insurance.

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