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The professor today has the paper of mediator-facilitador-entertainer of the education process learning to form critical pupils whom they search to construct its proper one to know. FRES affirms that ' ' the resource current of the technology, the new digital ways: multimedia, the Internet, the telemtica brings new forms to read, to write e, therefore, to think and agir' '. The pupils many of the times already are made familiar to the medias (they are native digital) but do not perceive its educative importance. The simple act to edit a text makes with that the person interprets of different form the text that she uses or that she is producing. The use of the TICs in the pertaining to school environment does not have to be seen as a tool only for presentation of a subject, therefore we use when it we are modified by them e, as many professors how much pupils obtain to improve its knowledge and to acquire new. The professor does not need to become a specialist in TICs so that these technologies are implanted in its lessons. It needs is of incentive, of stimulaton to be able to change its pedagogical action and to have conscience of that it is a facilitador of the knowledge and that the pertaining to school changes leave mainly of the professors. Finishing we can cite MORAN, that affirms that ' ' It has drastic changes in the world of the work.

The companies are substituting all the tasks of routine, previsible, for technological solutions, programs or equipment. (…) People that they know to decide problems, work well in such a way individually as in group that is extremely eficientes' '. Therefore, it is that the pertaining to school environment has that if to innovate and to search in the TICs an allied to form people qualified and that they can supply the necessities of the market of current work. Consideraes final We can perceive that to use the TICs in the pertaining to school environment what we need is of professors stimulated and opened to the new knowledge, that they perceive that its pupils are native citizens of the technologies and are if developing in set with them, discovering to each to press of button a new world, and that it, professor, must lose the distrust to press the button and ruin the machine. Everything starts in the school and with the aid of the professors and the TICs it is that it is spread for the world. Bibliographical references FRES, Jose R.M. Education and Computer science: The relation Man/Machine and the Question of the Cognition? MORAN, Jose Manuel. Challenges in the Personal Communication.

3 ed. So Paulo: Paulinas, 2007-p.10-15. VIEIRA, Fbia Magali Saints. Management of Educative Computer science: according to a systematic thought? temg7/gerinfo.htm (nov/2002) VILARINHO, Sabrina. Brazil team School. < Portuguese. For Regina Dutra Maria. Graduated Social Sciences, teacher of History for the final series of Basic Ensino and of Sociology for Average Ensino of the state net of Minas Gerais and actual tutor of the course of Graduation of Geography for the Unimontes, in the polar region of Pompu.

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