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The three R's of ecology are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reduce … Whatever you buy and consume has a direct relationship with what you throw. Therefore, rational use and avoids waste. Follow these recommendations to give a respite to our planet: – Choose products with less packaging – Reduce the use of toxins and pollutants – Goes to buy a cloth bag or basket – Reduce the use of aluminum foil – Limit consumption of disposable products – Reduces energy consumption and Reuse Water Reuse …

is to give the most useful things without having to destroy or get rid of them. Thus the energy saving had been allocated to that product. The more objects reuse, will produce less waste and less exhaustible resources "expenses." Follow these simple tips: Buy liquids in returnable glass bottles Use paper on both sides Give the clothes you've outgrown Recycle … Recycle is to use the materials again and again to make new products significantly reducing the use of new raw materials. What kind of trash is recycled? It recycles everything that can be sold to make new products. Organic matter (food leftovers) Paper and paperboard Glass Metals (tin, aluminum, lead, zinc, etc) Plastics (polyethylene, piliestireno, polypropylene, PVC, etc.) Recycling of: saving energy saving water saving Lower raw material impact on ecosystems and natural resources saving time, money and effort Separate …

A person produces, on average, a kilo of waste per day. Separate the waste and give everyone the right treatment is the key to recovery. The most common separation is: Color typical types of waste container packaging includes Amarillo usually include plastics, metals and tetra-brik. Green or orange organic matter food scraps, nappies, ashes, etc.. Blue Cardboard Newspapers, magazines, packaging, etc.. Light green glass bottles, jars, cans, etc.. Rest You can take different colors includes wastes which are not in any of the preceding paragraphs: rags, containers of other materials, etc.

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