PNR Power

And then society would be major changes with the participation of independent candidates "unregistered" because 99% of cases would be clear whether their interests are collective, honest and viable, although there may be some wolves dressed in sheep would be vulnerable to scrutiny and involvement of citizens, being nominated by parties that are manipulated its shares polarized shielding reality and their corrupt by the system itself. The surfeit of citizens suffering from the ill-fated from the PRI, has been evident for many decades and have come to vote and care boxes, with large majorities voted against him, however, the PRI remains at the forefront with its machinery Fraud well-oiled, with assistance from other state and federal legislatures, SCJN, Trife, IFE, EEC, FEPADE and their subordinates under duress and cohesion, and even deals with crime and delinquency organized as evidenced recently with several policy institutes to which the PRI spread their corruption, not all the millions wasted sums to buy votes by most accounts is that they spend what you get with hefty salaries, and this generates abstention by the mistrust generated by the realization of the joke they do in elections, thus swelling the rate of people who would be willing to explode in an armed revolution against the system of these bad governments. It is time to end the corrupt PRI, with the nefarious system they imposed since its birth in the PNR in 1929 and bloodshed and fraudulent registering seizing power, which to this day, with an apparent alternation in power with PAN, in two administrations, is the same. .

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