Positive Points Of Brazil

All country has its positive and negative points, affirms that in the exterior they maximize the positives, while in Brazil if they maximize the negatives. It sees what one affirms in the data of the Antropos Consulting and other sources, in what we can call positive points of Brazil: 1. Brazil is the country that has had bigger success in the combat to the AIDS and of other sexually transmissible illnesses, and comes being world-wide example. 2. Brazil is the only country of the south hemisphere that is participating of the Project Genome.

4. In the 2000 elections, the system of the Electoral Regional Court (TRE) was informatizado in all the regions of Brazil, with results in less 24-hour after the beginning of the verifications. The model called the attention one of the biggest powers world-wide: the United States, where the verification of the votes had that to be remade some times, being slow the result and placing in xeque the credibility of the process. 5. Exactly being a developing country, internautas Brazilian represents a slice of 40% of the market of Latin America. 6.

In Brazil, has 14 plants of installed vehicles and others 4 if installing, while some neighboring countries do not possess none. 7. Of the children and adolescents between 7 the 14 years, 97.3% are studying. 8. The market of cellular telephones of Brazil is as of the world, with 650 a thousand new qualifications to each month. 9. In the fixed telephony, the country occupies the fifth position in installed line number. 10. Of the Brazilian companies, 6,890 possess certified of quality ISO-9000, greater number enter the developing countries. In Mexico, they are only 300 companies and 265 in Argentina. 11 – In century XXI, the Brasilatingiu the position of 8 bigger economy of the world. 12. Brazil is as the bigger world-wide market of spurts and executive helicopters.

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