President Higo Chavez

In the Venezuelan health system it is not counted with the participation of effective multidisciplinary teams in hospitals. Taking the direction of hospitals is facilitated according to affiliations policies, among other reasons that do not justify is an address unable to assume the hospital administration and unknown, in the majority of cases, the laws and regulations for the maintenance and acquisition of equipment and even more unknown decrees law laying down the hiring of engineers by the hospital. (f) exists in our nation a socio-political situation – economic that it has dedicated to the cult of politics, politicking and politicization of all institutions and systems, creating and hypertrophying a gigantic bureaucracy that unfortunately has cracked and destroyed all structures and principles of the system of provision of health at the national, State and municipal level. (g) is not the administration of health as a social commitment. The reason for the failure of the institutions is only one: are the men that make institutions and not the institutions that make men. It is very important to remember that in the field of medicine the most important institution that requires all the attentions is sick. The patient as an institution always has governed and conditioned to the medical sciences in all its aspects, being the main reason that this institution is composed of men, women and children that motivated by the condition that suffer from van normalizing and demanding community and Governments the resources essential to restore and maintain your health. Concretamentge, the present Government under the leadership of President Higo Chavez should pay more attention to health, because its management, quality of service, attention, leaves much to say, getting sick in Venezuela is a great risk, whereas his ineffective health system, its high cost, coupled also with risky of inattention and procurement of medicines whose costs are very high and often inaccessible for citizens of middle-classnot to mention for low.

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