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In little more than an hour Thursday afternoon the leaders reaffirmed their stance about how unnecessary it would be the installation of HidroAysen, plot shown in a recent study by Robert Roman and Stephen Hall, which technically makes clear that Chile does not need more coal plants, or mega hydroelectric or nuclear plants. The candidate was asked about his position on HidroAysen said “there is no authority to hear the projects if the projects presented do not support the current law the President will not support them. That is clear, I have said on several occasions “to dissociate themselves from the alleged support HidroAysen disseminated through the media. Meanwhile, the executive secretary of the CDP, Patricio Rodrigo expressed “their willingness to hydropower, but if you as a candidate for president of Chile, wants to represent our country should include the tilt citizen, referring to the latest national surveys indicate (IPSOS) that 57% of Chileans reject dams in Aysen.

“The defense of Patagonia has gripped the population, which is identified with the protection of waters that are of all Chileans,” said the leader. (Source: Connecticut Senator). Moreover, Juan Pablo Orrego said that the country we are behind by at least 30 years in the use of non-conventional renewable energies, so called to follow the global trend for choosing and enhance ERNC. Finally Flavia Liberona, executive director of the Terram Foundation relieved that “after this meeting, opening a possibility of dialogue and working with technical teams, where we can influence our energy proposals, in what may be the program of government of the candidate Eduardo Frei. ” One of the agreements reached at the next meeting was schedule a meeting with Ricardo Lagos in his capacity as partner programmatic Frei’s presidential campaign, to collect data and studies that support the rejection of hydroelectricity in the southernmost part of country. Attended the meeting, CDP Executive Secretary Patricio Rodrigo Hernan Sandoval (Chile Room), Flavia Liberona (Fundacion Terram), Juan Pablo Orrego (Ecosystems), Hernan Mladinic (Pumalin Foundation) and Manuel Baquedano (IEP)..

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