Protective Devices

The world's first car appeared on Jan. 29, 1886, when engineer Karl Friedrich Benz was granted a patent on the crew with a gas motor. Since the advent of the first car passed over a century, and throughout the history of development automotive industry has been and the evolution of car protection, which has always contributed to professional activity of the robbers. The first mention of the road offense can be considered documents dated 1896 year with published by the circumstances of automobile theft, which occurred just a decade after the invention of the automobile with internal combustion engines. According to historical records, on June 8 in Paris, from the personal garage Baron Julien lost automobile Peugeot. Stealing a registered French gendarmes considered the first in the history of automobiles.

At the beginning of xx century, the most appropriate remedy is a mechanical lock the car. As a rule, they were enduring mechanisms (connectors, pin locks, fork), is installed on the steering shaft, wheel, door locks and hood. Mechanical anti-theft device (MPD) were originally external and required no special setup, but in what the advantage was given to embedded mpu, as they were more reliable and have smaller dimensions. And if at the dawn of motoring lpa was effective mechanism to protect the car, in the second half of the twentieth century, the availability of these devices was insufficient to raise ugonostoykosti machine. Replaced by mechanical means of protection came electronic security system. In World War ii, many governments have banned the production of automobiles for civilian use.

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