Public Administration

The public administration of the city of Maus if initiates in 25 of June of 1833, when the city was created. But first (1) the city council of the old Village of composed Lusa in 1834, was constituted of the following public personalities: 1. Bernardo Jose Breads (President); 2. Baptista Joo Da Silva; 3. Jose Lucas de a Cruz; 4.

Jose de Medeiros (Councilmen) (Reis.1934 P. 130) In the period of 1834 until 1889 middle, Maus was managed for the City council. With the happened one of the announcement of the Republic, in 15 of November of 1889, the city passed to be managed by municipal intendants nominated by the governor of the State, situation that if drew out up to 1947, when was elect 1 municipal mayor, with the participation of the popular vote. Throughout history, Maus always chose representatives children of the land in the amazonense parliament, as also those that had adopted the city as its native land, the example of the provincial members of the house of representatives: 1- Colonel Jose Rabbit of Miranda Lion; 2- Bernardine Jose Michiles; Bernardino de Souza whom it published in 1873, a workmanship on its visit the province of Amazon, sample that Maus always was involved in passions politics, almost unhealthy. Souza mentioned has 131 years: He has half century more than, two oligarchies traditional policies comes disputing the government of the city, that if initiated with the old Miranda oligarchies Lion, Verosa, Michiles, Negreiros and Esteves. This tradition, almost in extinguishing, still conserved through some of these surviving groups as the Esteves and Michiles, that if keep on the economic fragility which they become the population organicly dependent of the municipal state treasury. The dispute for the domain of the Power for the Power in one of the most important city halls of Amazon makes with that the electoral process of Maus, either one of 1938 – 1946 MUNICIPAL MAYORS OF MAUS (1947 – 2006) 1 – JOSE BAPTISTA MICHILES 1947 – 1951 2 – HOMERO OF MIRANDA LION 1952 – 1954 – LANDMARKS AURLIO PALACE (1955 – 09 months) 3 – PETER MANOEL OF. SLAVE 1956 – 1959> 1996 12 – CARLOS JOSE ESTEVES 1997 2000 13 – SIDNEY RICARDO OF OLIVEIRA MILK 2001 2004 14 – SIDNEY RICARDO OF OLIVEIRA MILK 2001-2006 – Odivaldo Miguel de Oliveira Paiva 2007 -2008 15 – Odivaldo Miguel de Oliveira Paiva 2009 (current) Substance written for Former-Councilman de Maus (2000-2004) and Academic of Agrarian Sciences of the UFAM – Mackison Milton Young chicken Medeiros, Manaus/Maus, in 25 of August of 2009. Recicle does not play this paper in the soil!

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