Regional Legislative Assembly

The prosecutor's office of Novgorod region in the I half of 2010 on the results of the study of more than 5 thousand regulations and their projects, has identified 698 corruption-generating factors, the press service. factors contained in 13 legal acts of the Government of the Novgorod region, two projects of normative legal acts of the Regional Legislative Assembly (OZS) and 534 regulatory legal acts of local government. As a result of intervention prosecution of corruption-generating factors are excluded from the 385 regulations and their projects. As before, the highest number of corruption-generating factors revealed in normative legal acts regulating budgetary legal and in compliance with the rights, freedoms and duties of man and citizen, to exercise control and oversight functions. The most common continuing to be factors associated with unduly broad discretion to limit government, municipal authorities and their officials, the definition of competence according to the formula right. " The district prosecutor, ma .

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