Rene Descartes

At the end of the first book of metaphysical meditations, Rene Descartes reasoned: suppose, therefore, that not an optimal God, source of truth, but some evil genius of extreme power and intelligence makes every effort to let me wander; I will believe that the sky, air, Earth, colours, figures, sounds and all external are not more than deception of dreams that has put a trap my credulity; may I take it that I have no hands, no eyes, or meat, or blood, but I owe everything to a false opinion mine; I will stay, then clasped to this meditation and thus, although it is not allowed me to learn something real, I will seek at least with resolved decision, since it is in my hand, do not attest to false things and avoid this deceiver, by strong and ready it is, you can teach me anything. But this attempt is filled with work, and some laziness takes me to my ordinary life; as the prisoner who enjoyed in dreams of an imaginary liberty, when it begins to suspect that he was sleeping, fears that you wake up and continues closing your eyes with these sweet illusions, I slip so voluntarily to my old beliefs and terrifies me waking, lest after Placido rest has passed the laborious evening not in some light, but between the inextricable darkness of the raised problems before commenting on say the alert launched descartes on the threat against the methodical doubtIt is worth remembering two points frames to place us on the subject. The first is about these, his meditations, which are composed of six parts, meditations, or books. I share with you the scheme made on the content of each one of it for purposes of analyzing your reading. Meditation 1 situations that lead us to confusion and error. The evil genius. Write on your synopsis (prior to his six meditations, the author wrote a summary of them): the causes outlined by which we can doubt all things.

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