Risks of Freedom

Many prefer to live enslaved with security to live free running risk. The slave lives under the protection of enslaves who it or of who it chose to enslave it. The free ones in the risk are owners of its lives and stimulated by the destemor and autoconfiana. Osque had made the first option pparently lives without problems, therefore they count on the support of a pseudo-security. The ones that they had opted to the risk of the freedom live surrounded of difficulties, problems, make look like misfortune. But, although the real risks, are loyal in the treatment and defenders of the freedom, have peace in the heart and are happy even in way to the worse tribulaes.

The slaves of the security are sour, legalist, judges of the free people who consider reckless and intempestive. From fear, cowards become and traem the free ones of truth. The security of the fearful ones is in the men; the security of the free ones is in the auto-confidence of who if it knows ally of God, the liberating Being freest and. The fear is the enemy greater of freedom and of the faith. ‘ ‘ Why you tend fear, men of little faith? You believe in God (Father and Mother), you believe in mim’ ‘. People with fear are not free.

To win the fear is the first step to conquer the freedom. The apparent security of the fearful one is mannering paralysis. The freedom impels to the fight. Who is free takes the risk of the freedom and liberator becomes. The slaves are generating of death, because they do not dare to bet in the life and its risks. The slaves live anxious for the fear to lose its false security. But the free ones wait and trust God. Therefore anxiety and fear live without, without desires and manipulations pra that the things happen as they want, but send to everything to the sovereign will Mr.

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