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On July 7, one of the main themes of the Russian press has become a mass brawl between Dagestani conscripts and Russian soldiers in a military unit in the Altai. Much has been written about this in various publications. And provocative enough, frankly xenophobic, comments and articles. This unfortunate fact is used as an ultra-vengeance, and seemed to be quite sane, serious publications in provocation. Siberian Military District Military Prosecutor's Office is engaged in this fact and can only hope for an objective investigation. But the fight in Alei Infantry Division (MSD) is a random episode. Ethnic conflicts with a distinct tinge (between soldiers – came from the North Caucasus and Russian soldiers) – this is the existing system in the Russian army.

The general nature of comments both journalists and the military fits into the formula, "to blame the Caucasians." We will not argue with a whitewash of all recruits region. There is work to do in educational terms. But in the case of Alei DPA is considered as a reason for serious conversation. We believe in the concept of construction of the Russian army are obvious serious contradictions. And these differences are directly reflected in the socio-psychological climate in the sub-national and military units to combat readiness and effectiveness of the parts. In this regard, we address the Russian Defense Ministry the following questions. 1. What we are building an army: the Russian-Orthodox, Russian (multinational), or a hybrid of both? In general, what is the concept of the Russian army? Why, in spite of the Russian Constitution and other federal laws in en masse in the army we have seen, "pravoslavizatsiyu", and, despite multi-confessional composition of the parts? Well, do not oppose the introduction of Orthodoxy, referring to the educational effect for the Christian soldier religion. But then in the Russian Ministry of Defense must be concerned equally about the "nourishment of the soul" and to representatives of other religions: first of all – Muslims, as the most significant part (over 10%), military Russian army.

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