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This and the corresponding low quality. Roads. Annually road traffic accidents worldwide kill about 1.3 million people and 50 million people are injured and disabled. By the way, the impressive Russian “record date” on the number of road accidents – in 2346, which occurred October 13, 2009. President of Russia: the economy – is primitive.

Quote: “The habit of living off energy exports slows the innovative development of Russian economy.” However, to honor the Russian government, despite the crisis and falling revenues, social commitments fully implemented – the indexation of pensions held in a larger-than-expected amount, and more than half increased the size of unemployment benefits. (Moral: do not promise a lot – it is easier to perform. After all, the pension is still several times lower than average wages and living standards of pensioners is not increased. But the commitment made. – Ed Ave.

Site visitors) Marry? Even if your decision correct, you should know about the results of American research: women give birth to smart kids “in the body,” in other words, with full hips. Suddenly? Does not coincide with your tastes and prejudices? After testing 16 000 women and adult women, found that not only smarter than the full skinny, but their children have higher intelligence! Even managed to bring the relationship: the greater the difference between the amount of the hips and waist, the woman smarter. Scientists explain this way: pile up in the thighs of acid Omega-3, and, of course, the more hip, the higher the concentration of acids. Perhaps that is why men prefer women with curvaceous? Nevertheless, there are many men with a question: if stout wife – it means smarter? Ay, scientists! Or maybe … In the UK a couple of “50” lost the case on allegations that she, de, makes a terrible noise during sex. Their neighbor, who has filed a lawsuit, claims that “more than once woke up the work because I could not sleep at night because of noise, and that they produce such sounds as if unbearably painful for both of them. ” She was particularly annoyed that she can not even describe the sound, because never before had not heard of such. The couple were justified, they say, do not know how to control their own to make sounds during sex. The court, however, for some reason, they are not heard and a verdict – stop crying! At once there is a malicious question, not better prevent neighbors to listen – and hear – the cries of fierce love, in a sense, an elderly couple? Or maybe choose the judges, who know what “it” is? We wish you, dear readers, to torment their neighbors just so …

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