Saturday Methods

– To prepare and recommend a program for achieving an immediate reduction operating costs in an amount sufficient to offset the difference in a small budget item which will take effect the first of next month. b. – Assist in the establishment of a program which causes the rapid conversion of conventional equipment to an electronic tabulator, high speed, regardless of the overall situation of the methods and procedures. c. – Present the audit report no later than next Saturday, which already included the auditor's recommendations, resulting in a total assessment of the work of a few hundred employees. d. – Without a detailed study prior present satisfactory methods that are useful to decide and take subsequent action soon enough to ensure the success of programs developed.

e. – Search the state office files, letters and other documents where policies and with all this information gathered, develop manuals to be distributed promptly to the executive. f. – Evaluate the effectiveness of major programs of expenditures of the organization and present the findings and recommendations in a report, so you can submit for the consideration of a board of executives to be checked three days after ordered the evaluation. g.

– Develop, without regard to personalities or any other influences, methods for making decisions in the forty divisions of the company, these methods come into force at the end of the month when later. h. – To examine the experience and qualifications of supervisory personnel, analyze and determine the adequacy of such personnel to its executive tasks, appraise and set the necessary requirements to improve things and submit for approval a training program for supervisors, three days duration, have equal success at all levels of government. Other Issues: It is noted that difficulties may also arise when there are independent departments with forms of stationery designed by themselves and have acquired equipment from different classes without giving due consideration to the overall needs and standardization of the company, departments that are perceived only effective methods of communication between individuals and functions and in which there are no guidelines to coordinate the organizational structure, selecting qualified personnel, maintain control over people and their work and establish appropriate plans of operation to obtain good results. There is a problem that occurs with some frequency when management does not care to draw attention to the Head of the Department that often departs from established policies or make changes in systems and procedures, without notice, timely departments affected. In many cases there may be the case that the Head of Department makes modifications to systems and procedures, without taking into account the needs of other departments. In this case, the executive not only ignores the notification, but neglects to mention the case to the same methods. This often causes the auditor to constantly look the need to report such failure, to take the necessary steps and put things in order. There are times when the problem arises when adopting a plan and puts you at work, but for one reason or another fails. It often happens that a plan that seemed very good, not be so under certain circumstances or personal. The auditor may go days and sometimes weeks, training a supervisor or section chief in the management and control of a function, only to find later that the subject gave up the undertaking.

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