Searching for Freedom

I only search the freedom, a way to feel me free, to be able to breathe to make everything without worrying me about nothing. But the fondness beyond takes in them to one where never we imagine to leave ' ' In the deep one what we want it is alone to search our peace. I want to be able to look at stops backwards and seeing the things good that I made, and to be able to learn with my errors, that for signal are many but they had always made that me to evolve. But which is the way for everything this? To open the arms and to say that we are free, we are happy? Which the secret of the true interior peace? to *Sorrir they say that it is better remedy, says then me because the people live crying to the one instead of smiling? The only certainty that I have is always to give value in the true friendships, therefore they can be the only remedy for all this monotony, called life! (Jhow).

| April 11th, 2013 | Posted in General |

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