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The conclusion is clear – if you buy a safe take care of acquiring more and this vault of the castle! Another subtle point. By According to most international standards, gun safes are a common metal cabinets, and subjecting them to fire resistance and burglary is extremely difficult. Generally, in most cases gun safes do not have any resistance to cracking, not the more fire resistance. However, to keep the gun in these two factors is not superfluous. For example, resistance to fire during a fire will guarantee you that neither you nor firefighters not to undergo a random fire, and burglary in some small way assures you that the thieves will not escape with your favorite weapon. Also, mounting gun safes on the wall is justified, since because of its features of data safes can fall when the door is open. For owners of private homes would not be superfluous to consider the option of installing built gun safes, sometimes such an option would not be amiss in the apartment because he saves both money and hassle owner.

To limit the minimum wall thickness of the safe should not be treated literally, as it is due to concern about burglary Service Ministry of Interior. However, in reality, this "care" seems awkward. In European countries, steel is used for two to two and a half millimeters (and the strength obtained is significantly higher than that of local artisans who meet the requirement of 3 mm), which makes use of data safes technically unsuitable for our laws. And the whole point of the steel – so loved by domestic producers of steel-3 is no longer succumb to the knife only when the thickness of three millimeters. And Russian craftsmen learned to use in the production of steel sheet thickness of less than 2 mm – they just cook a little longer double layer around the doorway at a distance of slightly more than the capture length of fingers of one hand! And accordingly, this cabinet will be hacked by no more than a couple of minutes, making it quite unsuitable for the storage of weapons!

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