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At this time most of the exhibits of the Museum of Natural History will be sent to the Smithsonian Archives in Washington. Behind them in place to arrive guard Larry, whose heart will be broken historical figure played by Amy Adams. 46. 'Fast and Furious 4' (Fast & Furious) The fourth film about street racing background to tell all previous series. The film played by Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.

Robbing convoys, digging tunnel crossing the border, they will find the perfect way to communicate. 45. 'Hunter spies' (Spy Hunter) screen computer game, on a plot where some powerful corporation wants to take possession of secret development of special services. Under the guise of militias specialists penetrate into one of the secret government facilities. And now the only hope the authorities – the lonely agent, a former fighter pilot. 44.

'Nine' (Nine) The picture is based on the famous '8 and a half 'Federico Fellini, tells the story of a famous film director Guido Contini, who must finish his new film. But apart from this problem, there is another – his personal life as he is in a difficult relationship with his wife, mistress, muse, agent and even his mother. In the film, starring Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren, Penelope Cruz and others. 43. 'Knowledge' (Knowing) during excavations on the territory's school teacher's son Ted Myles (Nicolas Cage) finds a mysterious time capsule. Startling predictions that are in the capsule actually came true, and it makes teachers believe that by the end of the week the world will perish.

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