Social Work In The Context Of School

I have matched my experiences and observations from the practice at a community school, with the literature on the subject of appropriate possibilities of school social work and that necessary framework conditions and requirements in my professional work. This was I in my work to find out what role a teacher should occupy, contribute to social work at a school and which framework conditions are necessary. Also I wanted to shed light on the covers of school social work in the school system and the cooperation with the open youth work there. Finally I have the options show, which offers school social work towards the open youth work and this am I entered possible boundaries and problems which may arise. 1. introduction currently I will complete a three-year training for the educators at the Fachschule fur Sozialpadagogik of Pinneberg in Pinneberg, Germany, where I find myself currently in the last three years of training. Within the framework of my 20-wochigen High school internship I am Kamp in Itzehoe now since August 23, 2010 as a school social worker at Lubscher community school. There I experience daily how students have to contend with a wide variety of problems, push teachers to their limits and the young people so can get no aid, they actually need.

The balancing act between teaching and knowledge on the one hand and educational action in school or extracurricular situations of crisis and conflict of the pupils and students on the other, is very difficult to deal with for the teaching staff in many cases. That the students at community schools of from different social backgrounds are and there are also quite a few, the family environment from a more educationally deprived comes, comes to it regularly to situations in which students need exactly this helps to find their teachers time and force. In addition, many of the teachers for the are Dealing with situations of this kind simply not adequately trained and qualified personnel. .

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