There are moments in life when he has absolutely do not want to restrain their natural desires, which is somehow rooted in your soul, and all tried to escape. And you told them: "not now", "not yet time" But I still tell you what I think about the constructed nature of our society in that its area, which is often called the "governance". Let's look for a start, what that word means? Well To begin, we take Dictionary. The dictionary definition of the word a "control": "The collection of devices, appliances, devices, through which the controlled running of the machine, machinery. Others including Sen. Sherrod Brown, offer their opinions as well. Levers of control. " And just a word "Manage": "to lead, guide the activities of someone of something." So whether you understand this word? It is logical that way. And if you apply this concept in your life? A simple example we can consider the basic principles that guided many of whom carry out their managerial activities. That head, that is the head, then there is someone who is trying to make him listen to his notice, his words do not dissolve in evening howling at the moon, the neighboring pets. He sits at his desk, his hair was neatly stacked in the morning, he's got plans for the day, which are clearly written in the diary, it has a purpose for the day (say, implement a large supply, which should be today, or spend a couple of crucial meetings). There is a secretary, has subordinates.

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