Some Thoughts About God

Thomas Aquinas was more blunt “Per se notum secundum,” its existence-of God is evident by itself, or Dostoevsky” Without God everything is permitted “and so there is something for everyone at end is a personal decision, “the FE allows access to deeper layers of the human being … The Heart!, including the reasons that reason does not understand” (Blaise Pascal) 10 – You Believe in Miracles? Of course, yes, the Miracles are not events that are to be found only in the extraordinary, are events that are near us and happen every day at every moment, 11 .- You think you benefited from a Miracle? Of course! On more than one occasion, for example, you count them the following facts as recorded in medical charts and state officials, police investigation reports and in the minds of many doctors: A) on June 4, 1989 at 10 pm a frontal car crash at 100 Km Per hour, which stayed with Spleen broken and bleeding, liver, pancreas, omentum, bowel lacerated, with the steering wheel embedded in the abdomen, with comminuted fracture of femur and so on. Of injury in these circumstances … the easier it was to die … but incredibly survived such an impact B) Dying in the middle of North American, Sunday at 10 pm Who’s going to help? …

But it appeared a truck and a bus with two drivers willing to do anything to help coincidence?, drivers and Marcial Jauregui Saldana Napoleon., with strings tied to his truck allowed the midfielder out of the abdomen to breathe, when she could no longer more. C) the time to reach Emergency Hospital, with blood pressure in 0, with 3 oz. Hb., Finding blood in the bank and have a UCI good at hand, doctors first level D) Support 3 Cardiac Arrest, where at each stop of this magnitude along the mortality 99%, support a septicemia, bronchopneumonia, renal failure when mortality reached 99.9% is this survival may be luck, chance, milk? E. “Hearing God’s Voice and travel to Mexico when Peru had already said that he was evil and when we got there they tell you showing that was the exact opposite and will operate three days of this tumor prolongandote few months of life … milk? F) Finally, when you’re in the last stay, dying, comes an anonymous donor gave you the liver, we operate 12 hours, endure, do not reject it, evolve it and you save yourself and you’re healed and saved, when in this Mortality in transplant years was nearly 19%, it is luck ?… NO!, add up all these acts of fate, is Macro luck? …

NO, that’s called Miracle! 12 .- As you’d expect such miracles to give back to God? I’ve stolen from St. Augustine his personal experience when he said “my conversion at age 42, but a personal effort, it was an act of grace” and that I am making a personal effort of conversion … and waiting for that Gracia 13.-Say you’re a Leftist, a believer in God Tony Blair said in his memoirs that the Left and Right, it was the French Revolution and lasted for centuries but is now obsolete, are now talking about opening and Censorship! … 14 .- Miguel A final message I’ll take the call that made Jorge Mendoza need Decency in Politics! And for this we must create citizens committees to audit the Politicians and the promises of these have the value of a Contract Moral! … between politicians and the people, with all the rigor of a contract … well I’m still Believer and Mariano. ‘.

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