South America

IMAGES OF THE SOUTH AMERICA Cardozo, Jeorge Luiz*. In Venezuela, a popular consultation continuously happened on the possibility of president Hugo Chavez to be reeleito, with the pitada one of necessary surprise that the general interest despertou, with the defeat of Chavez. Weeks later, in Bolivia, Evo Morales also prepares another popular consultation to remodel the constitution of the country and to adjust it the moment where our neighbors live. Still recently, but of this time in Argentina, presidential election happened, that first-lady Cristina Kirchner chose as the first woman to govern our Hermano for the direct vote, while in Chile, also recently a socialist woman was elect to govern the country of mountain ranges. Finally in the Equator and, more recently in Paraguay also a president of left characteristic of center is elect showing that the election and, later, the re-election of president Lula in Brazil, made school in the South America. A specialist is difficult to discover its anchors and its comments between as many sudden changes, whose specter less encloses since the changes of profile of the electorate the purest eruption of the favored classrooms than they had had basic papers in the changes of paradigms politician in the South America. In Brazil the without-land movements, without-ceilings and the agricultural and urban kept out of society ones; in Argentina, the middle class and the agriculturists; in Venezuela the excluded ones from the petrodollars of the field and the city; in Bolivia the Indians – descending the coca growers and, from there for ahead. We must confess that to the times we have certain pleasures to dedicate to write extensive commentaries the so rare events in our continent, accustomed the ditatoriais governing or representatives of the national or international capital, simplistas and commanded how much it has been in these almost six centuries of European white invasion the brazilian lands.

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