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Facebook, MySpace and other social networks accused to be envoy information to publicity companies that could be used to find information personal, in spite of the promise that had realised of not distributing this information without the permission of the user. The form they are doing as it is that when a user clicks in an announcement publicitacin, the name or YOU GO of the user or another personal information is sent automatically to those agencies of publicity. With this information that is giving these systems, the advertising agencies manage to create a better profile of the possible clients according to the profession, personal location, age and other data that make differences of the others. Wall Street Journal has identified several companies that are receiving this information and between which are DoubleClick (Google) and Average Right (Yahoo), which said that they did not have knowledge of which these social networks were sending them personal information through system of them, but who they do not have used that information. Now with the social networks it is much more easy to spread personal information. With only a click the system can send direction IP of the person along with the profile automatically that it has in the different social networks, these profiles normally include varies personal information that it can help to segment better the markets or until a to make acts criminal. The benefit that the technology has offered to us from the beginning is something that is to admire, because if not outside by her we would not have the huge things and facilities that we have, but is important to know and to recognize that the technology and systems badly used can generate prejudices for the people. By similar problems days ago we published the news, where some users are making call to leave Facebook. Twitter: @Gabatek Original author and source of the article.

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