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It is only the poor who chose ignorance as a lifestyle. Proverb ended one Summit, hoping that the meeting has aroused more commitment, solidarity between the countries attending, especially Socialist Court, entrusted to the United States with its current President Barack Obama, is not simple promises, provisions without actions, that really demonstrates the interest of the United States to take step to a diplomacy that seeks to bring more countriescompromise with integrity, solidarity that seriously addresses the economic crisis world and step to a new approach that favours all. For more information see this site: Senator Richard Blumenthal. As you review the reason is, the V summit of the Americas with the important success posed by rapprochement between the United States and countries such as Venezuela whose leaders have staged verbal and diplomatic conflict with Washington. However, the leaders of the Western hemisphere have failed to agree on a stance for the elaboration of a final document. After plenary sessions in which there was talk of economy, energy security, governance or global warming, it concluded the Summit, described by the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, as the most productive in the last decade, according to collect news ABN. Agency, that is already important to always considering the position of protest from Chavez before the achievements of these summits.

For his part, the President of Trinidad and Tobago, Patrick Manning, explained that he has attended many meetings, but none has had the spirit of cooperation as positive as that we had here in port of Spain. In addition, emphasized the initial moment of the Summit when the American President, Barack Obama, spoke of a new direction and a new vision of the United States toward the continent, and then this vision is He saw reflected in an equivalent statement of the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Since then it was expected that it would not give unanimity in the fine declaration with the signatures of all the Presidents, that was already warned, especially to the problem of the absence of Cuba.

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