Sunny Beach

The beach is different, Sand everywhere, but there is a well-groomed beach where the sand is clean, there are groomed, where the sand, although good, but littered with various small debris. Do you want to sunbathe and relax on the clean beach, you have to pay for an umbrella and sun bed, or not, you can not on very clean beach, but for free. The sea is clean, the beach is not very deep, very convenient for bathing children. Children during the summer very much. Though, again here in Ravda, no crowds, all is quiet calm and relaxed. Of course, water rides, a large number of other attractions here too, no, but it is abundant in Sunny Beach, 10 minutes by bus and all the recreational fun at your service. This I also really like the fact that, living in a quiet place we always have the opportunity to take advantage of all the services offered by ski resorts, ranging from water sports and ending with discos.

And at the same time, it's not annoying, because we do not live in close proximity from such noisy places. In Ravda is a main street in the summer there is very lively. Until very late in the evening work shops, restaurants, bars and local establishments, called fur. Prepare delicious, but I, for example, quickly tired to eat somewhere in the restaurant or bar, so we often cook at home. The more so because almost all new apartments have wide loggia, where you can put a table and chairs and dine al fresco in the quiet atmosphere, listening to the sound of the surf.

Cooking in Bulgaria is a pleasure. Fresh vegetables, fresh meat, condiments and sauces are delicious, the wine – class! Prices are very reasonable, if not to say that low – lower than in resort areas such as Sunny Beach, and even more so is much lower than in his native Moscow. We quickly settled into our village, found a butcher's shop, vegetable shop and a supermarket. With all the vendors met and became good friends. It is pleasant to live in such relaxed and peaceful atmosphere! I want to emphasize good for Bulgaria to the Russian. This is important when buying an apartment in this country. So many Bulgarians say in Russian, if not speak, then we understand Russian. This is easily explained, during the Soviet era, Russian was mandatory to study in Bulgarian schools. Bulgarians seemed to me very friendly people. Our neighbors, almost all Bulgarians, we quickly became friends, often visited each other's homes, at the end of our stay, we went to visit even for breakfast. However, the Bulgarians are not annoying, you can always stay alone by themselves or with their family, and you no one is hurt. I I hope that you will get pleasure from buying apartments and accommodation in Bulgaria. I strongly recommend buying a flat in small houses or housing complexes, as we did, and life will still beautiful!

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