Support for Small Business

Financial support for small businesses include financial, credit, property and resource assistance to businesses. The core of such assistance, according to international experience, is financial support. That financial operations in favor of small businesses can coordinate the efforts of banks, large enterprises and government agencies to help small businesses. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. In developed economies, the authorities rarely go on direct contact with small businesses. Their job – to support and encourage those market structures that are directly related to small businesses. Thus, in the uk to do this by using about 100 different ways, including including the promotion of investments, tax rebates, help in finding a loan, etc. In Germany, there are programs that encourage small business development by providing opportunities accumulation necessary for this funds, as well as providing long-term loans for benign conditions at 20, with the first two years, without interest, and refunds only after 10 years.

In France and Italy to finance small businesses set up special banks that lend to purchase equipment, provide loans on favorable terms, etc. In Spain, the Ministry of Industry and Energy set up a special organization that oversees the state support Small and medium businesses. The U.S. government policy to support small business spends federal administration for small businesses, as well as a number of Congressional committees and other governmental organizations. The annual budget of this organization is about $ 1 billion in Canada for 30 years subsidies to small businesses of up to $ 100 thousand received more than 280 companies totaling nearly $ 8 billion in this country operates 200 local development centers that act as guarantors of small business loan.

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